The Well Community Church

The Ember Cast as a whole is a huge fan of the idea that different expressions of church work for different types of people. I’ve got to tell you, if The Well Community Church was closer, it would definitely be a church that works for me. the wellGrowing up in the Orthodox church (I’m Greek, people), it is still sometimes a shocker to me when I see the size of my current mega-church’s congregation. I only know a small portion of the people at my church, and so it must be fundamentally based off of a small group structure. You connect through small groups…which is great.

But at The Well, I was able to experience a sense of intimacy during the service that I have yet to find in any other non-denominational church. The intimacy reminded me of my childhood church. It felt like home. Their theology and philosophy is similar to that of my current church, and so that was familiar too. The church body was diverse in almost every way besides religion, because it was clear that they were of one heart and mind when it came to Christ. It was a striking mix, especially since the church meets in a rented out building. There is no room to get caught up in the motions or get swept up in the glamour of the lights and electric worship band. What you see is what you get.

For some, this church may be too quaint. There might not be enough going on. But it clearly works for the regular attendees of The Well. They had a time during the service dedicated solely to sharing “what God has been doing in your life.” It was beautiful. That’s the only way I know to say it. People were open to sharing, because Pastor Matt Klingler and the other church leaders weren’t intimidating. The whole congregation seemed to know the people who got up and spoke. Communion was enjoyed together. I got to see two baptisms, and two proposals to start “communities,” which are The Well’s version of small groups.

The Well does such a great job of creating that intimacy and feeling of love and discipleship. I felt it, even though it was my first time. I also know for a fact that the leaders at this church have enormous and genuine passion for the Silver Spring and greater DC Metro area. They are reaching out to all people and bringing the truth to them, and they are being the hands and feet of Jesus. I would highly recommend this church to anyone searching for a home on Sunday mornings.

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