2013 in Words

2013 has been the best year of my life thanks to the Ember Cast. And I am not just saying that to make Tony Sheng happy. Nope. It’s the absolute truth. I’ve been able to have so many experiences this year, completely unique to Ember. I’ve made new friends from all over the world. I’ve had cross-cultural experiences this year that I never thought I’d be able to have. When I went overseas, I was equipped with the knowledge I needed to adapt to new cultures. My friend from France moved in with my family and I learned how to live alongside someone from a completely different culture. And lastly, and probably most importantly, I have strengthened my faith upon deep roots and solid soil which will not falter when I go to college. I am confident in this. Before, a lot of my faith was based off “feeling.” How good did I feel during worship? How good did the singers sound? Did the sermon personally convict me in a deep way? Now, even when I don’t necessarily “feel” God, I know that He is here. I know it. And I believe that my faith is true. I know how to defend my faith and I am prepared to do so. These things are all new. Ember has shown me a side to Christianity that I think is closer to the Early Church–one that is very concerned with each member of the body of Christ and finds its base on Christ and the Bible’s teachings alone. Consequently, there is a church dedicated to the work prescribed by love. These are the things that I want to find in any church I go to in the future, and these qualifications also allow for cultural diversity among churches. “Different types of churches for different types of people…” I cannot wait to see what 2014 holds. God has wrecked me and changed me so much this year, and I hope He does the same next year so that I may  become a better servant for Him and His purpose.

Happy New Year,

Hope :)

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  1. Awesome. Ember is lucky and blessed to have you.
    Happy New Year, Hope!

  2. absolutely what Matt said. love it.

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