manderYes, I am posting twice in one day. But this is important. I just witnessed one of my most dear friends get baptized before she moves to California in less than a week. I knew her before the Ember Cast, but this network is what allowed our friendship to grow into what it is today. She is such a beautiful young woman of God who I am going to miss so much. The love that Jesus pours into her is so evidently poured right back into others. Her heart is huge, and the love that she has shown me is a manifestation of the love that Christ calls us to. She understands what missions are and why they matter. She is dedicated to the Great Commission and what it calls us to do. She grasps completely the implications of missions in today’s postmodern culture. She is full of joy and is kind to everyone, even those who are cruel to her. This sweet sister of mine does not attempt to overcome evil with evil, but overcomes evil with good. She is willing to admit when she is wrong, and is one of the most humble, hilarious, down-to-earth, Jesus loving, amazing people I have ever met in my entire life. And today, through her baptism, she readily admitted that all of these good qualities are thanks to our Savior, Jesus Christ, who transformed her from the inside out. This is what Ember is about–beyond the missions strategies and the meetings and the blog posts. Ember is about creating relationships like this and watching God adopt individuals as sons and daughters. I needed to post this because MK is moving very soon, and selfishly, I wish that she could stay. But I am proud that she has made the decision to follow God with everything she has, even if that means leaving home and comfort. I am so excited to see what this life will hold for her, as well as eternity. I love you, MK…from here to heaven! Thank you for what you have brought to the Ember Cast and what you have brought to my own life personally.




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